The DIY option

Self hosted

Host OpenStudio on your own server and set things up yourself.

Self hosted means you do the installation on your own server and you are responsible for maintenance and fixing your hosting or configuration when it breaks.

You can download Costasiella by clicking the button below.

Please have a look at the manual for installation instructions and in case you’d like some help, we offer paid support. To request a quote for the support you need, please open a ticket using the button below.

Please keep in mind that in many cases for non tech-savvy users our standard hosting plan is the most affordable way to start using Costasiella. Renting a server with sufficient power to run Costasiella comfortably would set you back roughly €20/month. Add to that a fee for installation and every time you’d like us to install an update and you’re well above the standard hosting plan. Though in cases where website integration and online booking/payments aren’t required and you have your own hardware already on site, it might be more cost efficient to ask us to set it up for you and install the occasional update.