Keep growing with Costasiella!
There are no limits on numbers of customers, teachers, locations or available features.

Costasiella is offered free of charge, in case you’d like to set things up yourself.
For those desiring a higher level of comfort and service, we offer affordable hosting plans that fit your needs.

The main difference between the standard and private cloud package is that we manage your server in the private cloud package. This allows you to really own your installation of Costasiella without any worries about technical details or vendor dependency. The ultimate freedom.

Do it yourself


Free download
  • Your server
  • Your storage
  • Your certificate
  • Your backup
  • Your monitoring
  • You install the updates
  • No contract
  • It breaks, you fix it.
  • Full rates for customization

€ 32,50

Per Month
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • 5 GB File Storage
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily backup
  • Monitoring
  • Managed updates
  • Cancel monthly
  • Email support
  • Reduced rates for customization
Private cloud

~ € 69

Per Month
  • Managed private hosting
  • Unlimited* File Storage
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily backup
  • Monitoring
  • Managed updates
  • Cancel monthly
  • Email support
  • Reduced rates for customization
  • All pricing options contain all features. The only difference is in the level of service the hosting option provides.
  • We create daily backups which we store for 14 days, just in case you ever need it.
  • For the private cloud hosting plan, storage will be limited to roughly 50% of the total capacity of your server to reserve disk space for backups.
  • For new customers, a getting started offer is available. For €90 excl. VAT you get up to 3 hours of consultancy in the first month of using Costasiella to help you get started with Costasiella.
  • For the standard and private cloud plans support is provided for Costasiella hosting issues and bugs that render Costasiella unusable for your organization.
  • All prices are excluding VAT.
    In case you’re based within the EU the Dutch VAT rate of 21% will be applied in accordance with MOSS legislation taking effect on Jan 1, 2019.
    For business customers with a valid VAT-id in their country outside of the Netherlands, invoices will contain 0% VAT.

Migration from another solution

In almost all cases it’s possible to import your data from a previous solution like another application or a spreadsheet. In case you’d like to use the migration service, please let us know when signing up for a hosting plan and we’ll contact you to discuss the possibilities and cost estimate.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan

You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Downgrades requested before the 15th of the ongoing month will processed in the same month, those requested after the 15th might be processed one month later.

In the unfortunate case that you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel the hosting plan before the 15th of the ongoing month, cancellations after the 15th will be processed one month later. In case you cancel within the first 3 months, we will charge a setup fee of  €75 excl. VAT. We can send your data in friendly spreadsheets.

Is Costasiella free?

Costasiella is available as a free download to install and host on your server, without any support from us. This is what is meant by do it yourself. If it breaks, you fix it. That’s exactly why we offer Costasiella as a (cloud) hosted service which does not require downloading, installing, upgrading or configuring email, leaving you free to focus on building your business.

In case you require professional support for your self-hosted installation, please have a look at the download page  for more information.

Privacy and security

On this page you can read more about privacy and security relating to Costasiella.